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A photoblog by Janet Johnson · One View of the World
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June 2011

Supreme Commander Dwight D

May 2011

Glorious Light

January 2011

Bob White Covered Bridge
At the Mill, in Winter

December 2010

Two Striped Elves
Merry Christmas from Forest
Posted Postcard

November 2010

Painted Picnic at the Peaks

October 2010

One Fine Day on the Parkway
New Addition to the Family

September 2010

Morning Snow, Yosemite

August 2010

Sails at Sunset
Reaching Poolside

July 2010

Ribbon of Road, Twilight

June 2010

Lake Portrait
Fire and Smoke
Potential Ride
At the Hitching Post

May 2010

Old Ways
Merced River Canyon Road

April 2010

Tree in April Snow
Bridalveil Falls
Yosemite Valley View

March 2010

James River from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Loving the Daffodils
Shooting the Valley
Working Farm

February 2010

Tow Mater in the Spotlight
Lake Vista Sky
Tracks in Snow
Approaching Storm

January 2010

Gazebo on Hutter Lake
Winter Path at Sunset

December 2009

Autumn Rush
Lake Vista Trees

November 2009

Soar, My Soul
Coffee Road Curves
Bob the Builder
Rivulet Below Sharp Top Mountain

October 2009

Dark Wood, Light
Lewis River, Yellowstone National Park
Skiing at the Snowflex
Observer at the Snowflex
Lynchburg Across the James
Just Over the Hill

September 2009

View from Claytor Nature Center
The Penny Rover

August 2009

Elk Lane
Notecards, Anyone?

July 2009

Girls at the Top
Tetons and Barn
Pines and Peaks
Got Milk

June 2009

Brothers at Play
Beware: Jellyfish

May 2009

Strawn Barn - click to view large
Fleeting Glory
Headed for the Freakness?
Go 21!
Chancellor Green

April 2009

Lake Vista Drive
Shade Country
Tree on a Hill

March 2009

Lakeshore Willow
The Light Show Begins
Earth and Sky Contours
Mocha Textures
The Shack

February 2009

Rare Morning
Road in Winter Woods
Winter Vista
Snow Branches in Sun

January 2009

Cold Rain at Elk Lane
Magenta Skies (click to view large)
Lakeshore Rest
Colorful Dude
Western Skyline

December 2008

Wise Guy
My Gift Is Better Than Your Gift
By the Manger
Pageant Players (click to see larger)
Sunset in June

November 2008

River of Sky
Rural Virginia in the Fall
Fall in the Parking Lot

October 2008

Slice of Autumn
Autumn in the Confederate Cemetery
Moon Over Tetons

September 2008

Flower Girl
Bride and Groom
Spotlight on Lewis Falls
Window Light and Candlelight
Beyond Old Faithful
Old West in Morning Light

August 2008

Three Sisters at a Wedding
Signal Mountain Sunrise
Storm Blowing In
Approaching Turnout
Jackson Lake with Flowers
American Buffalo in Jackson Hole
Land of Beauty
A Favorite Geyser

July 2008

Close Encounter
Schwabacher's Landing
Retreat Gifts
Hungry as a Horse
Extreme Beauty
Light and Shadow
Sunny Spot by a Spring
Sultry Evening
Dare to be Different
Fourth of July Photo Op
Balcony View at Sunset
Mountain River View

June 2008

Natural Bridge, VA
A Virginia Farm
Jackson Hole and the Teton Range
Shooting at Fallingwater Cascade
Haze at Jenny Lake
Barn and Hay Field
Dynamic Duo

May 2008

Farmland and Foothills
Noble Steed
Falling Water
Cribbage Hands
Tree-lined Driveway

April 2008

Forest Library with Sun and Clouds
Approaching Storm - click to view larger
Early Morning Redbuds
Hawk in Flight
SUV Rear Window

March 2008

Reflecting on Lake Vista
Spring Trees on Easter Afternoon
In Their Prime
The Tree Across the Street
Think Spring
Under the Gazebo
Under the Willow
To Catch the Moon
Stand Fast
Western Stream

February 2008

Clouds in the Corner
Winter at Lake Vista
Lit Up at Sundown
Tetons and Trees at Jenny Lake
Street of Gold
A Peek at Sharp Top

January 2008

Clouds Playing Dodge-Em
Tetons at Sundown
Winter Fields
Cloud Play
House Band Joy
Golf in January
A Good Stiff Wind

December 2007

Near the Peaks of Otter
Ha Ha, It's Really Saturday!
Christmas Candle
Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Snow Queen
Portraying Baby Jesus
December Dream

November 2007

Last Path to Color
Oaks and Slopes
Late Light on Leaves
Country Lane
Silver and Gold
Fall Splendor
Table by the Window
Billy Graham Library, Charlotte NC
Eye Contact with a Pumpkin

October 2007

Red Leaves on 501
Woodsy Standouts
Big Smile
What Do You Mean, "Fries Are Not Good For You"?
Sky Drama
Trees Wearing Clouds at Sunset
Relaxing on the Shore of Jenny Lake
Canoe at Rest
Keep Out

September 2007

Supper at Pizza Hut
Niagara on the Lake
Far Shore in Light
Action at the Pitch
Upscale Housing
On the North Forty
Under an Umbrella
His Initials are GHG
First Grader
Taste of September in the Tetons
In Mommy's Arms

August 2007

Last Chance on the Lake
Night Falling
Floating Light
I See the Light
No Diving
Progress at Mission Meadows
Marina and Beach
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Twinkletoes and John
Lake of Shining Waters
Exit 12 Clouds
Day's End

July 2007

View from the Dock
Reading on a Chautauqua Porch
Chautauqua Lake Overlook
Islands in the Sky
A Visit to Garret's Lane
Approaching Sunset
Salute to the Flag
The Depot

June 2007

English Evening
Friends of Mine
Portrait of a Young Man
Paddock at Sunset
Farm with Three Silos
Stoney Creek
Beyond the Sunset
Bon Voyage
Private Lake

May 2007

Asiatic Lily
Pamplin Place
Cannon At the Courthouse - Happy Memorial Day
Laurel's Garden
Cat in the Garden
Bleeding Hearts
Both Sides Now
Prelude to Summer
Ninth View
Purple Irises
Clouds and Trees
Lake in the Foothills

April 2007

Sunset to the Right of Me
Farm Near the Peaks
iPod Runner
Sunset at the Ballpark
Tour of Virginia Bicycle Race
Watching and Waiting
Two Yellow Bugs
Roadside Colors
Expedition to the Falling of Pungent Waters
Lit From Below
On the Trail
Place to Fish
Moon Over Pink
Springing to Life
Proud Owner - Someday
Oklahoma Redbud
Flags and Blossoms
Layers of Spring
Angel at Three Weeks
Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

March 2007

Mirror Image
Cattails and Flowering Trees
Three Trees
Flowering Tree
Swan Lake
Gallery at 1030
Balloon Sculpture Winners
Belle and Gaston
Heavenly Drama
Molten Sky
TV Station
Private Drive
Simply Red
Farewell Flare
Holes in the Fabric
Art for Sale

February 2007

Blue and Pink
Cows at Home
Trophy Sunset
Poppy and PJ
Clouds on the Mountain
Stairway to Nowhere
Autumn Reflections
Porch View
Blue and Gold Sky
Car and Planet
Wintry Scene
Bold Sun
Peaks in Color
Jet Over Band of Red
Twin Pines
Above the Clouds

January 2007

Gumtree Road
Blue Ridges
Clouds and Silent Sentinels
Family Cartoon Series
Swedish Bench
Under the Mercy
Tetonic Chipmunk
Evening Tones
Fence View
Clouds Rising
Blue and Gold
Sky Over Kroger
Stony Mountain
Being Different
Peaks in Color

December 2006

Sunset Tonight
Stonewalled on Timber Lake
Old House
Trees in Snow
Just Getting in the Spirit
In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge
Clear View of Jenny Lake
Interior Sunset
Forest Library
Woodpecker on Branch
View of Jackson Lake from Signal Mountain
Sunset in the Parking Lot
Barn and Corral
A Favorite Plant
Morning at Lake Vista
Focus on PJ
December Sunset
Pasture at Dusk
I'm Keeping an Eye on You
Got Any Food?

November 2006

Autumn Path
Snake River View
Barns on Mormon Row
Teton Range
Sparkling Shoreline

October 2006

View from Signal Mountain
Flames on the Lake
Somebody Shooting Horses
Balloon at Night
Allegany Scene
Reflecting Fall
Nice Way to Travel
Atlanta Sunset
West Thumb Shore
Porch View
Inside Old Faithful Lodge
Pumice Point

September 2006

Inspiration Point
Jenny Lake
Great Lunch
Grand Teton over Historic Barn
At the Top
Teton Trail
Tetons Over Jenny Lake
Tetons Over Sagebrush
Fishing Cone
Mount Moran
Boarding a Snake River Float Raft
Speaking of Mating Season...
Bull Elk
Mugging Too
Mugging at the Art Show
Jenny Lake Overlook
Smiling Teton
Jenny Lake Boating
Lewis Lake at Sunset
Eruption From Afar
Old Faithful
Hiking in the Tetons
Jackson Lake
My Window on the World
Nice Neighborhood
The Sun is a Star
Pool By Night
Silk Bower Girl
Old Barn

August 2006

Looking Through Decades
Something Completely Different
Family on Grass
Splashy Farewell
Cottage on the Lake
Korean War Memorial
"Our Confederate Soldiers"
Crisp Day on the Lake
Boat at Rest
Sunset Last Night
Blue Ridge Sunset
My Daily Dew
Cooling off
Pastor's Chair
Girl in Red
Some of the Crew
"Ship Rec"

July 2006

Two Guys Having Fun
Princess and the Knight
Evidence on the Glass
Ready for Vacation Bible Ship!
Girl Picking Flowers
My Favorite Hot Dog Vendor
Batting Practice
Horse Ambulance
Inviting Porch
Yellow Sun
Kid At Work
Making a Friend
Fair Finale
Group Shot at the Fair
Race Track
Dumbo Ride
Bumpy Boats
At the Firemen's Fair
Cloud Mountains
Who's on Second
Rocket Fun
Kite Flyers
Tracks in the Mud
Good Neighbors
Fan in a Suit
Big Bite
Sign at the Top
Another View
Happy Independence Day
Sharp Plants
Pyramid on Marble
Chicory Lover
Delicate Flower

June 2006

Subtle Colors
Sailing Anyone?
Bike Man on the Corner
Civil War Era Building
Explosion of Color
Farm Fences and Field
Lines in the Pool
Forest Library
New Knight
Friendly Challenge
Lake Vista
Night Streaks
Eyes in the Dark
Headless Tuba
Looking for Fun
Place on the Lake
Family Excursion
Virginia Hills
Cheetos and Dew
Concert Images
Tough Game Tonight

May 2006

Fine Arts Tunnel
Fine Arts Tunnel - Arch
Hidden Gold
Brothers in Arms
Let's Pray
Action at the Ball Park
Motel by the Lake
Chautauqua Bookstore
Sea Lion
Memorial Terrace
By the Light
Second Baseman
In the Outfield
Home Stretch
They're Off!
First Place
Two Riders
Ready to Race
Smart Guy
Dining Hall
Winding Down
Winding Up
Looking Down
Looking Up
Stopping by the Library
Visiting the Past
My Fair Lady

April 2006

Bubble Gum
Bemus Point, New York
Another Amazing Sunset
Peaceful Evening
After Rain
Another Rainy Day
A Village Store
Hanging with Friends
Hitching a Ride
Happy Easter
Piano Players
SuperHero Secrets
SuperHero Headquarters
A Church on Church Street
A Boy and his Dog
Palm Sunday Fair
New Life Window
Local Narnia Cast
Allegany State Park
Old Tenth Street
April Flowers
The Goal

March 2006

Reaching Higher
Starting the Climb
Beginning of a Journey
Soccer Season
Fun Times
Sky Painted Gold
Corner of the World
Some Interests
Incredible Sky
Single Daffodil
Unexpected Character
Spring Comes to Main Street
Neat Sunset
Meet and Greet
Lucy's Grave
Sailing by Fort Niagara
Listening Politician
Sky Art
Moon and Branches
Cute Siblings
Leaf at the Front Door
Alex at the Playground
Dove Descending
Bell Tower Reflections
Covered Boats on Chautauqua Lake
Rays in the Clouds

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