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Spring, A Time of Promise
You can't beat cherry blossom time...

by Michael H. Thomson
March 28, 2007

I honestly think winter is over – at least for this part of the United States. Wandering out this morning appraising the sundry things I needed to spruce up my lawn for spring, I was comfortable wearing shorts and a polo shirt. Activity on the Washington and Old Dominion hike and bike trail behind my house was in full swing. Birds were chirping and squirrels were scampering. My barbeque grill looked in desperate need of a steak. Maybe I'll do that this afternoon – grill a steak…
Spring is always exciting for me. I can't remember any year when it wasn't. This year is no exception. Promise of good things and new beginnings are in the air.
Friday night, my wife and I drove into town. Let me explain "town" in the right context. Paeonian Springs – where we live – is a village. We have a wooden frame post office, which you see in the photograph above, a gourmet market, a nursery, and a gas station. On either side of Paeonian Springs at distances of five miles in each direction are two "full service" towns – the smaller city of Purcellville, Virginia to the west, and the larger, historic city of Leesburg, Virginia to the east. The "Town" I am referring to is neither one of those places. The town that drives all activity in this beautiful region of the country is Washington, D.C.
Washington is forty-four miles and approximately an hour away – allowing for no traffic jams. Friday night we didn't have a problem getting there. I guess all the politicians got out of town, allowing us mere mortals to enjoy the Capitol. Finding a safe parking garage on Pennsylvania Avenue was a snap. After 5 p.m., the one underneath the International Trade Center is ten bucks until 2 a.m. I suppose they tow your car if you don't get back in time. There are quite a number of tow trucks in evidence in Washington D.C.
Enjoying the walk, which was enhanced by considerable brightness due to Daylight Savings time, we trekked nearly a mile and a half to Dupont Circle and dined at the Dupont Grille located within the Jury Hotel. Elizabeth enjoyed and raved over the Arborio Crushed Eggplant, and I – not an imaginative diner – enjoyed the Steak Frites.
Deciding not to walk back, it took us less than a minute to catch a cab, which delivered us to the National Theatre where we had tickets for the award winning play – Doubt. If I had been doing the choosing, I would not have picked this play. However, through a lifetime of experience, I have learned not to insert my tastes and prejudices into the choice of theatrical art. I always pick the losers. Doubt, however, was not a loser. In fact, Doubt is one of the best theatrical performances I have seen. Tony winning actor, Cherry Jones who played Sister Aloysisus gave a stunning performance. It was so good I will give it my best review – I would go see it again.
Oh, did I mention the cherry blossoms? On Friday, I noticed the beginning of the spring blooms. This week and next should be the brightest…
Happy Spring everyone!

About the Author:
Mike Thomson believes with the cancer revelations of Elizabeth Edwards and White House Press Spokesperson, Tony Snow, there is a clear message that we should enjoy every spring we can - to the fullest!

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