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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Puzzling Discovery

Note: This is the last entry of the 'Weekly Wallpaper.' I regret that this feature essentially died last summer, but look for my new blog beginning soon, tentatively called 'Digital Sketchbook.'

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'A Puzzling Discovery' sample

Misadventures of the Regal Drake
Part III: A Premature End

June 18

     We have encountered a myterious object on the eastern shoreline. It appears to be a metallic ball fused within the hard rock. Some of the crew believe it is not of this world, while others consider it a sign from God or an omen or some other nonsense. Since all evidence suggests we are the first humans to set foot on this island, I have concluded that good, scientific reasoning and deduction exposes it as nothing more than a remarkable natural formation. I am alone in this opinion. The wise man in the galley known as 'The Sage' has predicted that this object will somehow put a premature end to our journey, and this has the crew even more agitated than usual. If I'm not mistaken, I have reason to believe there are rumblings of mutiny, but I fear it not. Calm, decisive leadership will prevail. I am certain my next entry will tell of return to the harmony, good will, and hope with which this voyage began...

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